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Hades and Persephone (Part 10) - FINAL
    He watched the fires rise and fade, and heard the distant screams of the tortured souls. He remembered the first day Persephone was brought into his world, and how afraid he was. He remembered her fear, how she trembled. But eventually, as he hoped she would, she began to accept him and this world he resided over.
    He looked back on his choice. And he knew it was the right one. As Zeus had said himself, Hades was a fool. And he did not care what his brother said of or to him, for he had gotten what he wanted. His plan was executed flawlessly.
    Reaching beside him, Hades dipped his fingers in the bowl of pomegranate seeds, pulling out three of them, placing them in his left palm. And one by one, he ate them, just as he had watched Persephone do before she left. With each one, the smile grew on his face, thinking of her. He heard the lightning crack down on the ground fro
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Hades and Persephone (Part 9)
    The clouds were beginning to fade, but they were still hiding the bright blue color of the sky, and blocking out the warmth of the sun. Their darkness and gloominess would not completely disappear until Demeter held Persephone in her arms. Until she could feel the serene warmth and comfort of her daughter.
    Persephone is returning, she thought with a smile. Zeus had told her that she would come back soon, and she knew that by this time, Hermes had descended down into the hell that had been keeping her sweet daughter captive for so long to bring her back.
    The ground beneath her bare feet began to soften, the ice slowly melting. It was almost as if the earth was awaiting her return as well, not just Demeter.
    The breeze blew softly, and with it came the scent of lilies. It reminded Demeter of Persephone.
    Only a bit longer, she thought, until the return of my sweet d
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Hades and Persephone (Part 8)
    “Brother, is that necessary?” Hades asked.
    Zeus turned toward him, sighing. “You did not heed my warning, Hades.”
    “If I am to be honest, I did not even acknowledge it in the first place,” Hades responded.
    “Which was exactly what I guessed you would do. My fool of a brother. Infatuated with a mere, insignificant child.”
    “‘Insignificant?’ She is your daughter, Zeus.”
    Zeus let out a scoff. “I have many children. Demeter coddles her enough for the both of us. The child prefers her, anyway. That’s why I gave her to you in the first place.”  
    “Your attitude about her seems to have changed.”
    “As I said, you did not heed my warning to be cautious. We are all suffering the repercussions of your insolent actions.”
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Hades and Persephone (Part 7)
    Her thoughts were wild, and she guessed that maybe her immortal heart was somehow in shock.
    She had never truly experienced that kind of fear. Being kidnapped by Hades was by no means pleasant, but being attacked like that, being bitten by that thing…
    And most of all, seeing Hades.
    Persephone knew little of the god of the Underworld, having been sheltered by her mother all of her immortal life. But the little that she did know did not include his compassion, however slight it was.
    A realization dawned upon her then as she looked around her chambers. The god of the Underworld, her captor, cared about her in his own way, however dark it was. She would be protected here, she knew that now. If this was to be her home, she would be safe. She would be clothed and looked after and… in that moment her mind seemed to go blank as her gaze landed
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Hades and Persephone (Part 6)
    As soon as he was inside, he slammed the door shut behind him. It echoed with a loud thud. A passing thought went through his head about Persephone hearing it, but he ignored it, cursing himself as he thought of her.
    Why could he not get her out of his head? Why was it that every single time he closed his eyes, he would see hers?
    It drove him mad, this unknown feeling. What was it? He remembered a time ago, when he had thought what he was feeling was love. That too, was an unknown feeling to him. He had seen it, certainly. He had seen the loved ones of the dead grieving for the souls of the Underworld he now ruled over. But that was somehow different than what he felt now, and he knew that the feeling he was experiencing was not such a pathetic thing as love.
    He cursed to himself, and walked to the table, seeing the bowl of blackened water. Hades forced himself to look inside of it, looking in on the mortal world.
:iconwritingbycandlelight:WritingByCandlelight 40 17
Cold winter night, starless sky
A flickering light, reckless heart
The spark began, strong at first,
Digressed into a wavering flame
Time went by, chilly wind blew
The candle stayed alit
No draw of breath, no lips of wintry blue
Did extinguish the growing flame
Summer came, then, and alas the flame grew
Allowed words of the stars to flow into the night
The flame a starry yellow hue
Dreams of you in heaven’s light
Frost came then, and the flame began to die
Withering like the flowers of spring
Covered in white snow as the morning sighed
And was covered too, in the bitter clouds.
The flame grew stronger, as I thought of you
Of dancing on lakes and mistletoe kiss
I watched as it grew and it grew,
Became brighter than before
Winter went away, but the cold remained
The warm rains of spring threatened to extinguish it
But yet again did the flame not bend nor break
Stayed alit at the sound of your name
As I watch it still burns bright
Thinking how frost and winds
Can never touch this pe
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Hades and Persephone (Part 5)
PERSEPHONE SAT IN HER ROOM, glancing at the window. There was not much to look at. Hades had put her room away from the others, toward the wastelands of the Underworld, the empty lands, where there was nothing much besides black ground and pillars of smoke. She knew that if her room were at the other end of the palace, she would see fire and destruction.
  Hades had said he would return in a day or two. That meant she still had a slight chance to get out. Not of the Underworld. She knew that was impossible. She wanted to at least see the gardens. If anything, they were still growing things, and they offered no ridicule or emotions.
  She stood, walking over to her door, opening it so there was only a small crack. The large, black dog outside of her door was sleeping soundly, even snoring slightly. The snore was deep and ragged, more like a growl with each inhale.
  Persephone slid out of her door, shutting the door softly. The dog did not stir.
  She continued her w
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Hades and Persephone (Part 4)
PERSEPHONE WALKED THE corridors of the castle, wringing her hands. She had made sure she looked like she hadn't been crying. The thought angered her. She felt fragile, like the flowers she used to care for.
    What had she done to deserve this? Why was she going through this punishment, this condemning trial?
    She was vulnerable.
    And she did not want to be.
    Stopping, she leaned against a wall, making sure there was no one there. She closed her eyes, leaning her head back.
    If you can hear me, Mother, Father, please come for me. I'm waiting for you. Please.
    Suddenly, she heard footsteps near her. She composed herself, swallowing as she saw it was Hades striding up to her.
    "Are you well?" he asked suddenly. Persephone nodded once.
    "Why shouldn't I be? Besides the fact of the whole…" she trailed off, assuming he knew exactly what she meant. He did.
    "As I have sai
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Hades and Persephone (Part 3)
    The girl immediately closed her eyes, pulling her limbs in closer to her, wrapping herself in a ball. She was lost. No, she had been taken. And brought to the worst place imaginable.
    The Underworld.
    She squeezed her eyes tighter, hoping that when she'd open them again, she'd once more be in her meadow, her soft, green, warm meadow filled with flowers.
    She didn't need to open her eyes to know she was still far from home.
    She began to shiver, and pulled the blankets tighter around her.
    Slowly, she opened her eyes. She was in a bedroom, lying in a bed. Her heart began to pound frantically in against her rib cage. She knew where she was, but why was she here?
    "Are you cold?" asked a deep voice. The girl flinched, gasping, and spoke to the darkness.
    "Who… who's there?"
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Hades and Persephone (Part 2)
THE GIRL FELL TO THE GROUND. The man pulled forcibly on the reins, stopping the horses.    
   He stepped off of the chariot, ordering the horses to vanish. They did, taking the chariot with them.
   He did not go any closer to the girl. He stood, motionless on the spot.  He only watched her, making sure she was alive. Had her fear of him killed her? Impossible, he chastised himself, for she was immortal. But she could surely try her best. If she wanted to, she could go into a deep sleep that could last for centuries. He was worried she would do this.
   Tentatively, he stepped toward the girl, his boots crunching the snow underneath him. He looked around. He had caused all this death and cold. He looked at the girl, in her soft pink dress and flowers resting in her hair. She was the only light, the only pure thing   in this area. He, certainly, was not pure. He had done too many things. This included.
   This does not count,
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Hades and Persephone (Part 1) by WritingByCandlelight Hades and Persephone (Part 1) :iconwritingbycandlelight:WritingByCandlelight 175 20
I am lost,
Stuck wandering in
an unfamiliar place.
I am cold,
Freezing and I
cannot escape.
I am alone,  
My own conscience
has forsaken me.
I am dying,
The life I never had
in my blood fading.  
I am broken,
The shattered remains of
my nonexistent life blowing away.
I will never be afraid, for
I am anonymous.
:iconwritingbycandlelight:WritingByCandlelight 2 1



Hi. It's me.

More than a year later.

Obviously, things have happened since my last journal post, and I haven't logged into DeviantArt basically since then because it got away from me and I've recently wanted to maybe try picking up writing fanfiction & publishing it on tumblr (where I like to READ fanfiction) and it reminded me of DeviantArt.

If anyone who read & for some reason enjoyed Hades & Persephone, and you don't wish me to fall into the pit of Tartarus (heh), I have a surprise. 

I'm going to post the last two parts of H&P tonight. Because why not.

I haven't even looked them over yet, and I probably will just to see how bad it is, because I like to think my writing has improved since then. But, even though no one probably cares about that story anymore and has forgotten about it, I feel obligated to post the last two parts.

So, to anyone who reads those, I hope you enjoy them. If not, I apologize, but I barely even remember writing it because my writing style has improved since then. 

If anyone somehow wants me to make a more complete return & get somehow more involved in the DeviantArt world again (I'll need to relearn the website) just let me know. I can't imagine anyone liking my writing enough for that, but if somehow that's the case I'll do my best. 

Sorry I was gone so long. Better late than never, right?

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